Bujo Spreads For Couples

Bujo Spreads For Couples


Bullet journaling has always been an open invitation in my mind so I put all sorts of things in there. From time to time I will memory keep about my marriage or family. It is so cool to go back and see a page dedicated to how much I love someone or appreciate something about them. There are a few other spreads I tend to put together around this time every year, so I wanted to share some of my couples favorites with you today.

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Archer & Olive Traveler’s Notebook (10% off here)*

Pen of Choice (I’m using a Pilot G2 to write, and Micron Pen Set to draw)

Lovebirds Sticker Sheet

Markers (I just used Crayola Super Tips)


bujo spread ideas for couples



  1. What love means to me/you (OR replace the word love with a new word each time like: respectloyaltyfaith)
  2. His/hers love languages
  3. X things we are looking forward to in Y years
  4. The story of how we began (from both perspectives)
  5. A letter to him/her
  6. A simple note on a (shared) big day or anniversary
  7. A letter to your future selves
  8. Journal prompt question and answer (I received this book as a Galentine’s Day gift yesterday and plan to pull a random prompt for us to each respond to every so often.)
  9. X reasons why I love you list
  10. Couple bucket list
  11. Long distance contacts tracker
  12. Date ideas list (OR virtual date ideas list for you long-distance lovers)
  13. List genuine compliments for each other
  14. Daily memory keeping (most fun during trips, moving, or transitions)
  15. One thing you two enjoy together

How do you integrate your relationships into your journaling? Share any other ideas in the comments.

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