Final Baby Book Finishing Touches

Final Baby Book Finishing Touches


I finally got the inspiration I had been longing for to finish my little girl’s baby book! Isn’t that the best feeling? I had printed up plenty of pictures and placed journal cards, and even added sticky notes with ideas, but just couldn’t bring myself to finish. Once she hit 18 months old I started to feel a little ridiculous about the fact that her baby book was still on my to-do list. Lucky for me, an idea struck while creating some “Currently” Journal Cards for my pen friends. With the selling our home, the holidays, and then unpacking into our new temporary home, I have been unnaturally slow to reply to their letters. I figured a cute little card would be a fun way to give some updates.


currently card closeup


As the cards were coming together, I realized that these could be a perfect way to that I could quickly and beautifully fill the baby album. There were just a few spots keeping me down, but it appears I was just waiting for the right stamps!


In the short time that my baby girl has been around there have been countless changes. I hope to provide her with a good glimpse of the things she can’t recall years from now. I find myself looking back now at fond memories that I’ve already started to forget. I’m already so glad I took a bajillion pictures and kept incredible notes.


baby book close shots


I knew as soon as I saw the Right Now Stamp Set that it’s versatility would be my jumping off point, but I became even more inspired as I worked. I paired the stamps with some inks that matched the rest of the spread, and created a simple filler with relevant information. Easy peasy.

I used this set in my bullet journal, our family photo album, the baby book, and for my penpals. I love Everyday Explorers stamp sets because I always find a use for them in multiple places. This time I just went a little stamp crazy.


baby book pages


I am just about caught up on Isla’s book now. I’ve got to print and cut photos from this past Halloween and Christmas, and then I’m DONE! It’ll likely be completed this week.

Yay me. – V

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