Local Attractions Bucket List

Local Attractions Bucket List

bullet journal spread idea

Bullet Journal Spread Idea

I created this spread to help unload these lovely ideas from my brain. I tend to have all these ideas for activities and events to visit in my local area, no matter where we are. When the time comes for a fun weekend outing, though, I’m completely blank.

I had this old list in Evernote collecting digital dust. It was titled “local activities to try” and I started it back in Delaware. It was filled with short trips to New York and Washington D.C., visits to flower fields and must-visit breweries and historical landmarks. I never went back and checked anything off of it, but we actually finished that list 🤯. (Well — to be perfectly honest, “Cherry Blossom Festival” didn’t get done but that was when the pandemic cancelled our weekend plans, so I’m not docking myself for it... I’ll see them in bloom someday.)


I lived in Cali for over ten years and still wasn’t able to do all the touristy things I wanted before I left. There are just a few spots I feel like I’ve missed, and a couple I visited as a child that I want to return to with my own little family.

california bucket list

I especially loved making this list because it both reminded me of many memories, and was also exciting for the future.


As soon as I found out my husband was being stationed back on Oahu, I began making a mental list of things I wanted to show the kids or experience again with my new crew. I was clogging my brain up with this information and feel so much better getting it all out. This way, I can refer back to this list on those Saturday mornings that we cannot decide what to do. #paradiseprobs

hawaii bucket list

hawaii bucket list

I recently grabbed these stamps from an Etsy shop and the stickers are part of the Best Coast Collection release. Felt good to put some old Studio Calico stamps to use again too!

This spread totally got me in the mood to work on my Travel Journal, so there’s a post on that coming pretty soon.

What are you currently journaling?

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