Memory Keeping in 2019

Memory Keeping in 2019

HAPPY 2019.

You all well know that I think New Year’s Resolutions are basically a set up…Waiting until the calendar says so to make a commitment to yourself has always seemed silly to me. Plus, I don’t have the patience to wait until January to start something new, if I’m excited, I go for it right away! I won’t get into it too much again but you can click here if you’d like to read why I don’t make resolutions or here if you want to try my alternative idea instead this year.

Anyway, since last summer I have been working on sharing more and being more open. I am a naturally private person, so this is something I have to practice. I remind myself to open up, which might sound strange to some, but this is an ongoing goal for me. I’ve been a lot more open online here on my blog as well as on my Instagram, which led me back to a hobby I had completely forgotten I loved: scrapbooking. When I got to college I decided that I was much too busy to keep up with my memory keeping and abandoned it almost completely. The last year or so before I graduated I tried the Erin Condren Life Planner, which allowed me to combine memory keeping with my everyday school/work schedule. I enjoyed this, but daily printing of photos, adding stickers, and colorful décor became too much for me. I barely finished the 18-month planner I purchased, but I truly enjoy looking back on those final collegiate days. I know I cannot complete a spread daily or weekly, but I miss memory keeping.


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I have the Day One app on my phone, and appreciate that I can look back at the photos and quick little blurbs, but there’s nothing like being able to flip through the pages of a book. I stumbled upon Project Life online, and while I know I cannot keep up weekly, I think I can scrapbook months or seasons without feeling too overwhelmed.Now, I am pretty minimal when I decorate (as you probably can tell from the styling on this blog) but I love color mixed with clean lines and white spaces. I thought I would share the journey here with you all as I start on my first few albums. I don’t like the idea of themes too much (outside of making a “baby book” for the little one on the way) but I think if I break up the albums up by seasons of life, I can keep from overwhelming myself. I created a mini album a little while ago as a Christmas present for my son, and really enjoyed the process. It was small enough to give me an idea of how I liked the style of smaller page protectors, without the commitment of a traditional 12×12 album.For now, I am planning to work in a 6×8 album or two, and see how it goes. I have many memories and travels from the last couple of years that I want to be sure to chronicle, and as mentioned before, I want to make a baby book. Maybe from there I can commit to one album per year…? We shall see.I hope that you don’t mind the added category to my blog but I think committing to sharing the process will keep me on track and accountable. I also find that sharing often leads to more community, and resources. Feel free to share your techniques in the comments, I love checking them out. What memory keeping system works for you?


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Supplies I’ll be using:

6×8 Album | Page Protectors | Photo Printer | Persnickety Prints | Pens | StampsStampsStamps | Ink

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