Monthly Accountability Check

Monthly Accountability Check

The best way to move forward with intentional is to take a beat and look back.

Recognize where you are.

Take note of who you are and how you are feeling. This step is important for recall later, memory keeping, and motivation.

Prompts like this will also help you build up your journaling muscle.

I myself have used monthly prompts as a little ice breaker and introduction into journaling (and journaling again) when I was just starting out.

journal prompts

  1. What takes up most of your time right now?
  2. What spending can you cut back on? Is your current spending and saving serving the lifestyle you are working towards?
  3. Where do you want to be in thirty days? What steps will get you there?
  4. How can you get your heart and your head in the same space this month?
  5. What pulls your worry today? What solutions do you have now and later on?

These simple prompts are just what you’ll need to start reflecting on the last few weeks. Take this as special self care time to think about the things that are going well for you, what you’re currently learning, and what you want to take with you journeying into the coming month.

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