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Paper Crafting Gift Guide

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What to Gift To Your Paper Friend

All year long, little gift ideas pop into your head and then when fall rolls around it's like there's nothing that lives up to what so-and-so deserves. I compiled a few ideas for those of you who have paper craft friends, but aren't necessarily into them yourself.

By no means do I believe you need to purchase anything at all. Most paper lovers will actually appreciate anything you craft for them. After all, they know what sort of time and energy commitment that is firsthand. This list is just a bunch of ideas of supplies and other items I would gift to a paper crafter this holiday season.

I also have a post on fun things I will send out for the holidays if you're looking for a little handmade inspiration.

for journalers

The person who loves writing and is always scribbling away on something.

for memory keepers

The one who's constantly snapping photos (and usually turns them into something awesome later.)

  • instax printer or camera (I've had both and personally I would recommend the printer over the camera because you/gift getter can be sure you're printing exactly the photo you want.) 
  • picture frames
  • binder or pocket style photo album or more traditional cut and paste

for planners

The person who's got it all scheduled out beautifully and never misses an event, big or small.

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for digital planners

The one who organizes any and everything on their favorite device(s).

  • folder icons and graphics packs 
  • etsy gift card (Personally, I don't ever like gift cards as a gift but the reciever can then purchase digital decor from multiple shops in this case.)
  • tablet accessories (stylus, kickstand, headphones, etc.)

for all of the above

Items any one of us would absolutely love.

  • digital or physical stickers obviously
  • pens (who doesn't love a really great pen?)
  • a coaster, warm blanket, and cup for favorite hot beverage
  • wall calendar

I hope this list is helpful, let me know in the comments if you think I left out something major. 

*some may be affiliate links, mahalo!
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