Scrapbook Favorites Under $25

Scrapbook Favorites Under $25

This post will be just the top items I recommend and think of as fundamental scrapbook supplies.

Just like the last post, I’m assuming we at least have the basics (paper, pens, scissors, etc.) so this list of scrapbooking essentials goes one step beyond that. 


Those of us who have been scrapbooking for some time remember those monster 12 x 12 inch albums. They are too big for most people’s laps and difficult to store because they are so huge. For this reason, I stick to smaller pocket-page albums.

In 2018 and 2019 I used these 6 x 8 inch albums and those were a manageable size that worked well for passing around from one person to the next. 

I also went with a small 3 x 8 inch album from here for our holiday memories. Since I only use it to document a few stories every December (and sometimes November) it’s ok that it’s a little smaller, plus I can pack it away with all the holiday decorations every year. We love looking at it every Christmas to walk down memory lane and see what Christmases past looked like. 

I’m planning on using this album next year and hopefully, this is the final size for me. Stay tuned for updates on that.


Stickerssssss. Y’all know I’m a sticker head, so of course its next up on my list. You can find a sticker for almost anything. They’re great for the moments when you don’t have a photo or the talent and time to create an illustration. Stickers also come in ranges of colors to match your scrapbook spread to cover up little mistakes. 

My favorite three places to find scrapbook stickers: Puffy Alphabet Stickers | Chipboard Stickers | Label Stickers | Puffy Stickers | Digital Stickers
My sticker shop: Planner & Snail Mail Stickers

You can see glimpses of my scrapbook here or here or check out memory keeping in my bullet journal here.


Stamps have become a recent staple for me. I had avoided them because of the storage but all that changed when I discovered clear stamps. I can line them up, label them, and sort of file them away.

I am partial to alphabet stamps to create big graphic titles in my scrapbook, but you can find stamp shops almost as easily a sticker shops.  

My favorite three places to find scrapbooking stamps: Kerri Bradford | Feed Your Craft | Azzari Jarrett | Everyday Explorers Co
My current most used stamps: Mini Typewriter Alphabet Stamps | Icon & Doodle Stamps | Alphabet Wooden Stamp Set


Decorative paper is something I end up hoarding more than using. If I’m being honest with myself, I probably use more recycled paper in my scrapbooking (and journaling) than anything else. From time to time though, I do pull out the “big guns”. 

My favorite decorative paper comes from this book and it’s got so many neutral options I can pretty much always find something that works.


Tape runners are such an underrated adhesive. I struggle with the gooeyness of regular old Elmer’s glue sometimes. I also don’t like the way it curls the paper up beneath it. Double sided tape in a little contraption gives me the effect of a fairly strong and quick drying glue stick. I use this one because it sells refills in two-packs (for just a couple bucks) and I like having those ready to go all the time. I’ve had mine for two years now and had no issues.

So, those are my top five scrapbooking items I would go for under $25. They’re the staples that I would (and in some cases have) buy again and again. What are your favorite items to scrapbook with?

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