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I got this notebook to use as a baby book as soon as we decided to have a second child. I know how difficult it would likely be to create another full blown pocket-page scrapbook, but I still wanted to memory keep my pregnancy and at least the baby’s first year. A journal style felt a little less intimidating as it doesn’t have any real structure unless you add some.


pregnancy journal spread


Finding out about our family's PCS the same week we confirmed pregnancy, I immediately knew that this pregnancy would be bananas. I decided to track as much as I could while traveling, but to do that I went with this notebook. The plan was to scribble things here and there just to get them out of my head. Tracking stats and weights, weird feelings, or funny little notes I wanted to share with Baby Brown some day.

It was much easier to have this little book and break it out in hotels or on planes. It was small and the fact that it was spiral bound just made it more compact while I was writing (usually on my lap or a tiny tray table). Most of the pages are pretty clean and to the point, but it felt nice to have a page to decorate while most of my supplies were packed. I could still be a little creative here and there.


pregnancy journal spread


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I will likely move a lot of this information over into my original 8 x 8 notebook later on. That book will have many more photos and information about where the whole family is right now. I set my daughter’s scrapbook style album up that way and I like that I gave her so much context about who we were before she arrived, the process getting her here, and then her first year of life. Hopefully I can create something similar in baby's "album" as well.

I’ll be sharing a couple of formatting tips I used that helped me just to focus on the content as opposed to the aesthetics of the page next week. It’ll be linked here once it’s live. Until then I wish you good health and peace of mind.



pregnancy journal spread

pregnancy journal spreadpregnancy journal spread


pregnancy journal spread



pregnancy journal spread


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