Three Ways to Use The Photos In Your Phone

Three Ways to Use The Photos In Your Phone

three easy ways to put your phone's photo library to use

My husband says I am a photo hoarder all the time, but I think he just isn’t observant enough to notice how often I put them to use. I definitely need to find a better system for storing them digitally (please feel free to leave ideas in the comments), but as far as seeing them outside of my cell phone, they are all over the place.

I don’t usually like a lot of larger artwork sold in big box stores so, I frame a ton of pictures we take on our travels and from special occasions.

Today though, I wanted to share a few other uses for your photos to inspire you to use yours, too!


simple ways to use the photos in your phone



I thought I should get this easy one out of the way first. You all know I love to scrapbook and this is the simplest way to get some use out of your pictures.

Print one out, write a little caption or explanation, and maybe decorate the page if you are feeling really frisky. Viola, you’ve used your picture and now other people can see it without having to rummage through your phone.

I also recently started a recipe journal and from time to time I find a good spot to include a family photo or a food flatlay, and everybody seems to enjoy that. It’s fun to come back to a recipe and not only see a picture of a dish, but also the people who were there the first time you tried making it.


My favorite way to use pictures is to gift with them. If I am rally struggling with a gift idea I can always go back and find a great memory, and a picture frame to match. Easy peasy.

A few Christmases ago I actually printed up black and white pictures from that year for each person’s gift tag. So, instead of writing "to" and "from", the photo let you know who's gift it was.

I decided to try the same thing for my daughter's birthday party. She is only turning two but of course, we have PLENTY of baby photos to choose from for her. I printed them off individually, cut them down into tag shapes, and hole punched them. Love how it came out.


I didn't start putting photos into my journals until I started bullet journaling, and I think it's part of why I fell in love with the idea. Those beautiful bullet journals you see on Pinterest are all well and fun, but I do not have time (or the talent) to add that caliber of creativity to my bullet journal. What I can do is fire off a photo from my Instax Printer and glue tape it right onto the page. That little printer pops out my image in under a minute and is the perfect size to go in my A5 sized notebook.

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How do you organize your phone photos? Better question, how are you putting them to good use?

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