How I Reset In My Journal Every Month

How I Reset In My Journal Every Month

end of month journal reflection prompts and ideas

At the end of every month I make it a point to reflect back on the past month to see what's worked and what could use an adjustment.

This keeps my tasks and goals front of mind but also serves as a reminder throughout the year of things I want to achieve. I am able to take a look back at the month as a whole and assess where I should make improvements. It's a constant self-help step that has started to [finally] get a little streamlined in my bujo. Here goes. 


At the end of every month I assess my budget. I follow a few items up and go over the coming month's finances.

I reset all of my tables with the new information for the coming month. This is when I list one-time expenses that I expect, and any events that might cause unexpected purchases.

personal goals

All of my goals for the year are at the front of my journal. I break them down by quarter and then list them in my journal at the beginning of each new season. Every month is then broken down further whenever the month arises.

I review my personal goals every month for my own accountability and to track my progress. Seeing each goal over and over again through my planner allows me to continually assess it's priority.

cleaning and housework

I do not chore track in my bullet journal. I love the way those spreads look on Pinterest but I know I do not have that sort of time. I do keep a running tab of those items that aren't necessarily urgent around the house but just need to get done. These are chores like hanging up a picture that's been leaned against the wall forever, purchasing a replacement broom, or putting in a work order for our wonky mailbox. I list these items as I see them and save them all for an "admin hour" whenever I schedule one that month. (I usually schedule two of these per month and it has really been working so far.)

Freebie: Spring Cleaning Checklist

appointments and admin

All of my appointments are listed way up at the front of my bullet journal. I have my Future Log there so I just plug in the date and time when I make the appointment. I know to go check this place when I am setting up for a new month.

I go over all of the appointments at this time to make sure nothing collides and make any adjustments necessary.

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