Love Languages Bullet Journal Spread

Love Languages Bullet Journal Spread

Bullet Journal Spread Idea

You know those “Spread Ideas to Try” lists every newbie bullet journaler makes? This was consistently one of the line items. It got to a point where I went looking through an old journal, thinking I had already done a spread like this. It’s even #2 on my Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for Couples post. So here it is: a breakdown of my own top love languages, and my husbands.

We completed the quiz years ago when we first started dating. Now that I know him much better, I can see that both of our results are spot on!

love languages bullet journal spread idea love languages bullet journal spread idea

I had to go scrounging through old emails from 2016 but I was able to find our Love Language Quiz results, with very brief explanations of each.

I decided to only list the top two love languages for each of us. My scores had two that were basically tied for the first place spot. M’s top three most relevant were only separated by one point each. I figured top two would give us both something to focus on, at least.

I got these stamps in the mail the day I created this spread so I had to break them out. The HIS, HERS, and MINE stamps were what originally drew me to the set.

love languages bullet journal spread idea

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In my excitement to write everything out, I forgot to leave space for my title. The stamping was a perfect way to squeeze my title in and also give the pages more of a border. Everything ended up nicely grounded on the pages.

love languages bullet journal spread idea

love languages bullet journal spread idea

Since actually writing out definitions and examples of our love languages, I have noticed a change in my own behavior. Note taking has always helped me learn things and I guess it kicked in again for this.

Our results were very accurate! Have you taken the quiz? How did it turn out?

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Lovebirds Sticker Sheet | Little Folks Sticker Sheet | Recipe Journal Sticker Bundle | Digital Sticker - Girl Cooking | Micron Pen Set* | Pilot G2 0.38* | Doc Brown Stamp Ink | Crayola Super Tips* | Mildliners*

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