Monthly Reset (Freebie)

Monthly Reset (Freebie)

it’s national lazy mom’s day

What could be more fitting than a Monthly Reset freebie being delivered to you today!

Just a note, this freebie is not at all for moms. It is for anyone who would like a template of this kind. I myself am what I would consider a lazy mom in that I am a lazy person in general, who is now a mom. (Lazy with my kids? Not so much, but that’s a conversation for another time.)

A set place to house your reflections for the month, goals, and action steps for a new month is one of the best ways I know to organize and reorient as a month comes to a close. I use this PDF as a dashboard or jumping off point to jot down whatever information is on my mind, so that I can set myself up for better success in the new month.

how to use this freebie

Each block sections the topic for the month: Finance, Goals, Household, and Admin.

I tried to keep this as simple as possible because, for me, each month is a completely different whirlwind. This way, I can write in what actually applies without needing to cover unnecessary portions.

Finance block is usually where I place the month’s budget goal. It sometimes lists a few prep tasks as well, that correlate to whatever the goal is. For instance, if the third week of the month is a no spend, week one and week two tasks would be to help me prepare for it.

This is also the space where I would note any random miscellaneous bills that are coming up.

The only section that actually has prompts is Goals, and that is simply because I have found that writing down the reason behind my goal helps keep me on task. And taking a beat to write down what worked (and what didn’t) helps me plan ahead for the next milestone.

Under Home I include anything and everything to pertains to the home or anyone living in the house. If we’ve got somebody coming to visit, a party to plan, special housework to attend to, or even an idea for a family outing, it goes here.

I saved Admin for last because it allows me to jot down any To-Do’s from above as I am working down the page. I list all admin tasks on the right side of the block and the left side fluctuates. Sometimes I end up adding a sticky note there or decoration or my list is so extensive it takes up the whole block, just depends.

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