Onelove for Baby Paul

Onelove for Baby Paul

Full disclaimer: This was also the theme for our daughter’s first birthday party. I decided that since the word has multiple meanings it would still be ok to use again. Maybe we’ll make it a tradition one day. 

Mom and baby first birthday party onelove backdrop high chair

decor was very minimal

I kept things a lot simpler for this party for multiple reasons. First, Jamaica is a simpler place and really doesn’t require much more because, like Hawaii, it is naturally beautiful. Second, as I was reminded time and time again, the first birthday party is for the adults. And third, I didn’t think I had the capacity to go overboard on decorations and food and a big present.

Since we already had a backdrop from our last onelove party, I went ahead and switched it up. I let that backdrop be the focal point behind Baby Paul’s high chair, and just accented it with a small cluster on balloons. We stuck to black, green, and gold pretty much everywhere else. From the streamers, to the napkins, to the tablecloths you saw those three colors fly. The flatware was a cute bit of red to accent.

minimal menu packed with flavor

My husband did us well on the eats for this event. Him being the Jamaican representation in our home, I opted to just support in the kitchen and let him run the show.

Our menu consisted of Jerk Sweet Potato Fries and watermelon as appetizers. For our entree we served up Rice and Peas, Jerk Chicken, Rasta Pasta, Brown Stew Chicken, and Fried Plantain. Everything was served with love and you truly could taste it!

We even made Rum Punch and a Papaya Sweet Tea so that the drinks complimented everything.

For dessert I made another Mini Vanilla Cake and served it with some small Mango Ice Cream Cakes I prepped the night before. The cake baked a bit smaller this time around but it was the perfect amount for the crowd we had.

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Baby’s first year milestones image

no need for entertainment

Great music, food, and company was really all this party needed. We had a lovely time together celebrating our baby boy and reminiscing on the past year together.

I thought it might be nice to have our party guests write Baby Paul a little something, since he won’t remember any of this. I created a short little card for them to write up birthday wishes or hopes for his future. It was really nice to read the responses and I plan to include the cards in his baby book.

First birthday wishes for baby

I recreated a blank version for you to use as well. You can download the card for yourself here. They are 4 x 6 inches so you can fit two on one letter-sized page or print them on 4 x 6 card stock if you have some laying around like I did.

Birthday season has officially ended for us now, time to get started on Halloween 🙃

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