Today's Truth: Productive Procrastination

Today's Truth: Productive Procrastination


I am soooo good at this.

I’ll take to my bullet journal to make a list of all the tasks I want to get done (even though it’s probably already listed in my monthly goals page). But then I can’t just stick a list in there, I have to make it presentable. In comes the washi tape and some stamps to give it a pretty title. Before I know it, a half hour has gone by and the only productive thing I got done was listing the productive things I wanted to do with the day. 😑

There are many forms of task avoidance but my particular favorite is this use of perfectionism as a form of procrastinating. It’s easier to pretend to be working on it by working around it. But fear of failing should not keep you from starting at all. Nobody is good at anything the first time they tried it.

Sure you have to crawl before you can walk, but there’s a handful of milestones before you can even crawl! Each one of those steps builds up your strength in order to prepare your body and this rings true in starting anything, especially anything new.


done is better than perfect


A little goal orientation never hurt anybody but overdoing it can turn ugly. As one of my good friends loves to say “our indecisions imprison us” and sometimes, they truly do.

I hope today’s post serves a reminder to just go for it. DO the thing. Take the leap.

Nothing is every truly perfect anyway, but how can you the task you are putting off even be counted as perfect if it’s never done?

I created the featured photo for this post on my iPad while I was procrastinating from a big new project for the shop (the whole reason for today’s post). I have made it available to download as a wallpaper if you want to download for free.

Click here for your wallpaper download (phone or desktop). 

Or, if you’re not quite done procrastinating yet, you can click here for my most recent freebies.✌🏾

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