Travel Journal Prompts

Travel Journal Prompts

journal prompts to get your travel stories started

I thought it might be fun to include some journal prompts for those who are also looking to chronicle some travel stories right now.

These will come in handy in my own travel album as I work on updating it this year. If you're someone who likes to journal as they travel, you'll love this list as well. I've popped a printable version in the Freebies section for you.

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You can check out my Travel Album’s Foundation Pages and the plan for tackling this project to see how I will put these journal prompts to use. I have also got this list as an image down at the bottom of this post, if you want to Pin it for later, too.

travel journal prompts

  1. Where did the idea for this destination spring from?
  2. What’s your must do on this trip?
  3. What have you needed to do to prep for the trip?
  4. What’s on your packing list?
  5. Who will you be traveling with? Why?
  6. What foods are you itching to try on the trip?
  7. What’s your busiest days itinerary?
  8. What did you buy at your destination?
  9. Any new wildlife or foliage discovered?
  10. What interactions have you had with the locals?
  11. Have you learned anything from this journey?
  12. Draw your view.
  13. Document how you’re feeling on the first day, midway though the trip, and your last night.
  14. Who are your travel partners and what are they most excited about?
  15. Talk about something unique you saw there.
  16. What are you bringing home with you?
  17. What have you learned about your destination’s history?
  18. What was it like traveling home? Arriving back home?
  19. How has this trip changed you? Your perspective on the world?
  20. How is this destination different from any other destination you’ve been to?
  21. What recommendations do you have for someone else traveling there?
  22. What was the best moment on your adventure? What was the highlight? What was the most intriguing?
  23. What will you do differently if you ever go back there?
  24. Will you try implementing anything you saw/learned/experience on the trip to your daily life? Why?
  25. What’s your next adventure?

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