Wacky Holidays of 2022

Wacky Holidays of 2022

As I was creating the new 2022 Wall Calendars I realized that I didn't want to list federal holidays on it. I generally like to decorate my calendar with stickers or doodles for big events like those and having that text there always gets in my way.

While I love how simple and clean the calendar pages are, it did feel like something was missing without them.

Enter: wacky holidays. I love to see those fun and silly holidays shared online and I have a few special favorites of my own (ahem, Mean Girls Day!) so naturally I did a deep dive into them. Here are a few funky little semi-relevant holidays you can celebrate and add to your own calendar.

I will be adding wacky holidays to all emails every month in 2022 if you'd rather have this list in bite sized chunks, enter your info here. There are waaaay more holidays to celebrate!

monthly specials

January is National Hobby Month

March is National Craft Month

April is National Card and Letter Writing Month

May is National Scrapbooking Month

June is National Effective Communications Month

July is National Anti-Boredom Month

September is National Self Improvement Month

December is National Write A Friend Month

week long celebrations

02/13-02/19 | International Flirting Week - 3rd week of Feb

05/08-05/14 | National Wildflower Week - 2nd week of May

07/17-07/23 | NationalΒ Capture the Sunset Week - 3rd full week in July

08/01-08/07 | National Simplify Your Life Week - 1st week of August

09/24-09/30 | National Thinking Of You Week - last week of September

moon phases

JAN πŸŒ‘02 πŸŒ“09 πŸŒ•17 πŸŒ—25 πŸŒ‘31

FEB πŸŒ“08 πŸŒ•16 πŸŒ—23

MAR πŸŒ‘02 πŸŒ“10 πŸŒ•18 πŸŒ—24 πŸŒ‘31

APR πŸŒ“08 πŸŒ•16 πŸŒ—23 πŸŒ‘30

MAY πŸŒ“08 πŸŒ•15 πŸŒ—22 πŸŒ‘30

JUN πŸŒ“07 πŸŒ•14 πŸŒ—20 πŸŒ‘28

JUL πŸŒ“06 πŸŒ•13 πŸŒ—20 πŸŒ‘28

AUG πŸŒ“05 πŸŒ•11 πŸŒ—18 πŸŒ‘27

SEP πŸŒ“03 πŸŒ•10 πŸŒ—17 πŸŒ‘25

OCT πŸŒ“02 πŸŒ•09 πŸŒ—17 πŸŒ‘25 πŸŒ“31

NOV πŸŒ•08 πŸŒ—16 πŸŒ‘23 πŸŒ“30

DEC πŸŒ•07 πŸŒ—16 πŸŒ‘23 πŸŒ“29

lunar calendar 2022

one-day holidays


02 - World Introvert Day

04 - National Spaghetti Day

11 - National Clean Off Your Desk Day

28 - National Daisy Day


04 - Thank Your Mailperson Day

07 - National Send a Card to a Friend Day

11 - International Day of Women and Girls in Science

14 - International Book Giving Day

17 - Random Act of Kindness Day

22 - Be Humble Day

27 - No Brainer Day


01 - World Compliment Day

01 - World Craft Day

06 - National Day of Unplugging

09 - National Get Over It Day

10 - National Pack Your Lunch Day

12 - National Plant A Flower Day

14 - Children's Craft Day

21 - World Poetry Day

22 - National Goof Off Day

29 - National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

30 - National I Am In Control Day


03 - National Find a Rainbow Day

07 - National No Housework Day

10 - National Siblings Day

16 - National Husband Day

20 - National Look Alike Day

21 - International Creativity and Innovation Day

22 - International Mother Earth Day

23 - National Picnic Day

23 - National Take a Chance Day

30 - National Honesty Day


01 - National Scrapbook Day

01 - No Pants Day

01 - World Laughter Day

06 - Military Spouse Appreciation Day

10 - National Clean Your Room Day

11 - National Eat What You Want Day

18 - National No Dirty Dishes Day

18 - International Museum Day

20 - Pick Strawberries Day

20 - Notebook Day

30 - National Creativity Day


01 - National Pen Pal Day

01 - National Say Something Nice Day

12 - National Loving Day

12 - National Children's Day

14 - National Call Your Doctor Day

15 - Nature Photography Day

18 - International Sushi Day

18 - International Picnic Day

21 - National Selfie Day

29 - National Camera Day

30 - World Social Media Day

30 - National Work From Home Day


01 - International Joke Day

01 - National Postal Worker Day

05 - National Bikini Day

05 - National Workaholics Day

06 - International Kissing Day

08 - National Video Game Day

12 - National Simplicity Day

15 - National Give Something Away Day

18 - World Listening Day

30 - International Friendship Day


01 - International Childfree Day

07 - National Friendship Day

07 - American Family Day

09 - National Book Lover's Day

13 - National Garage Sale Day

14 - National Financial Awareness Day

15 - National Relaxation Day

16 - Tell a Joke Day

18 - National Couple's Day

19 - World Photography Day

23 - Cheap Flight Day

24 - International Strange Music Day

27 - National Just Because Day


02 - National Lazy Mom’s Day

06 - Read A Book Day

06 - Fight Procrastination Day

10 - National Swap Ideas Day

13 - Positive Thinking Day

13 - International Chocolate Day

14 - National Live Creative Day

15 - Get Ready Day

18 - National Wife Day

21 - World Gratitude Day

25 - World Dream Day

28 - Ask a Stupid Question Day


01 - International Music Day

03 - Mean Girls Day

05 - National Do Something Nice Day

05 - World Financial Planning Day

06 - National Noodle Day

07 - World Smile Day

07 - National Inner Beauty Day

13 - National No Bra Day

16 - National Train Your Brain Day

17 - National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

19 - National New Friends Day

20 - National Day on Writing

22 - National Make A Difference Day

25 - International Artist’s Day

25 - National Art Day

27 - National Mentoring Day

30 - National Checklist Day


09 - Go to an Art Museum Day

11 - Singles Day

15 - National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

17 - National Unfriend Day

20 - National Absurdity Day

21 - World Hello Day

25 - Buy Nothing Day

26 - National Cake Day

28 - National French Toast Day


07 - National Letter Writing Day

09 - Christmas Card Day

13 - National Cocoa Day

14 - National Free Shipping Day

16 - National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

16 - National Ugly Sweater Day

21 - Look On The Bright Side Day

28 - National Call a Friend Day

29 - Still Need To Do Day

30 - No Interruptions Day

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