Get Started Guide to Writing A Blog Post

Get Started Guide to Writing A Blog Post

I know a few of my readers are interested in publishing their own writing, in some sort of online format. This is a step-by-step guide to the way I write up each and every blog post.

The last post covered how I plan out my content (for both the blog and shop) and keep it all organized. I will link it here once it is published, in case you want to start there. It shows the process from the loose ideas and brainstorming stage to actually mapping out and scheduling a blog post.

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Once I’ve got my topic squared away I move it from my content planner to a fresh new word processing document. I tend not to rely on my internet anymore (it’s much too temperamental). I like to write up each blog post in OneNote (linked here) first. Once the post is written up, I copy and paste it into WordPress to finish up. I set up my outline to make sure I stay on subject nice an early.

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At the top of every rough draft I always list the potential blog post title, keywords or tags, the slug for the post, a short description of the it, and ideas for any photos or links to include. Then I type out headlines for each paragraph.

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Underneath each paragraph headline I will plug in any applicable hyperlinks or resources I want to be sure to include. I do this before I type up the full post because it helps me keep the flow conversational. Towards the end I’ll type up a little outro paragraph to sum up the post and lead into any future posts in the works. Again, this is a way of keeping me on track while I write.


Now that the bones are outlined, I go back and fill in the meat and potatoes of the blog post. I’ll flesch it out with any funny stories or emojis I want to plug in. This is also the time when I grab any photos, links, or documents that I want the post to link to.

If there’s additional research I need to do it tends to happen as I am writing the rough draft for my blog post. Citations and quotes from other blogs are linked in each post and I prefer to save those links as I type the post up. This way I can see the flow overall and won’t end up littering the blog post with hyperlinks.

Now I let the blog post breathe. I usually don’t look at what I have written for a couple hours (or even days) so that I can come back and re-read it with a clear head and clean up any grammatical errors.

Freebie: Get Started Guide to Writing a Blog Post


Once I know the body of the blog post is straight, I go in and clean up any supplemental items. If I have a freebie I want to offer, I’ll create that and get it uploaded. Some blog posts require affiliate links or links to past blog posts or other resources online.

I make sure that everything is formatted correctly and will load properly for my reader in this step. If I am taking any photos or drawing up any doodles I will usually address those at this point as well.


Almost all of my blog posts are written in advance. I schedule the date and time for the post to publish, and then go check out a preview of it. As long as everything looks good, and is clear to the reader, I move on to creating any other elements.


If I need to create any sort of design elements I will usually wait until the last minute for these. I prefer to know what all is in a blog post before I create imagery for it. I will almost always create a Pin image or two for my blog posts. Sometimes, if I want to advertise the post any where else (like Facebook or in the monthly newsletter) I will create that little image quickly at this point too.

I prefer to design all of the images at once, in order to make good use of the time I have to get work done. I also like everything to be cohesive for each post. Often times I re-use some of the images or doodles created, and keep the color palettes similar as well. It also helps to be able to do all of the fun and creative tasks together.

And that’s it. Those are the steps I take each time in drafting, creating, and publishing each and every blog post. Any questions? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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Very informative content

Thanks for sharing us with good content

Hey Jordan! I actually get a lot of feedback from my readers that tell me I talk exactly the way that I write. Most articles will tell you to “find your voice” but honestly, you already have one 😉 The easiest writing style would absolutely be the way that you write and it would like be the most genuine. Since you already enjoy writing, you probably already have a style, even if you don’t realize it.

As far as bloggy tips: give your brain and eyes a rest from the post before you publish it. And always read it aloud. I’ve also found that SEO guidelines can be really great to help you structure your post. Good luck getting started!

V of Love Becomes Her

Hi There! I appreciate this post and am working on creating my own. I’ve always loved to write, but wanted to know if you had any advice or knowledge on having a certain style of writing that works well with blogging? Any tips? Thank you! 😊


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