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How to Print & Cut Stickers


Before we start, this is just the steps that I take when creating a sticker sheet for my shop. Steps are (of course) also slightly different for die cut stickers and digital stickers. There are likely some little tricks I don’t know yet as well, since I have only been at this a year. If you need any clarification please leave questions in the comments, in case others are equally in need. Hope this helps!


All of my stickers are made of my original artwork, so some may skip this step if you are purchasing artwork from someone else. I use the Procreate app (and sometimes Affinity Designer) to draw and then layout my sticker sheets. I split the sheet into separate layers so that I have one layer of the design (with a white bleed around it) and a second layer that is the backing sheet (so my logo or website is on this layer).


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Cricut has an iPad app (Cricut Design Space for iPad) to print and cut the stickers from, but I like to use my computer instead, because it allows me to input specific print settings. So, I AirDrop the sticker layer and the backing sheet layer to my Mac and UPLOAD them (as a Print Then Cut image) both to Cricut Design Space as a new project.

I format both layers to size, and follow the prompts to cut my designs out. In most cases I am printing 4 x 6 inch sticker sheets. The backing layer is RESIZEd to 4 x 6 inches in size, and I adjust the sticker layer to about 3.75 inches wide and center it on the backing sheet. I can fit two sticker sheets on one 8.5 x 11 inch page, so I duplicate all of these layers and place them next to the first set.

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Note: In order to get the Cricut to cut the sticker sheet completely out I upload the backing sheet layer three times. I center them one on top of the other and then place the sticker design layer on top and center that. I have heard of some sticker makers needing five layers, it just depends on your machine.

Select everything on the board, and click ATTACH. This will hold both sticker sheets together on the page where they sit, while the Cricut cuts.

Next, I click MAKE IT, select the printer and cutting machine, and their respective settings. (These machines are not the same across the board, so everyone’s settings are a little bit different.) Once the printer knows how to print and the Cricut knows how much pressure to apply, I let it cut.


Once you have printed, your sticker sheets should look like the photo below.

printer print and cut settings

Place the full sheet onto your sticky Cricut mat and tap the blinking Cricut button on the machine to cut.

This whole process has become second nature to me so please let me know if you need any clarification. I tried to be as detailed as possible without being confusing but hopefully I didn’t leave anything out. It’s hard to know now that I have it down pat.


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