LBH Has Launched An Affiliate Program!

LBH Has Launched An Affiliate Program!

If you had not yet heard the news, we have an affiliate program.

I prefer to think of it more as a partnership program, but whatever you call it, we both are working towards success!

I wanted to create a program that was mutually beneficial, but also had something more to it. I decided to create a system in which affiliates could collaborate with one another, if they wanted to. That sort of community is hard to find sometimes and I love the idea that everyone in the group would be a sticker lover.

Those who contribute will receive:

  • 10% commission on completed purchases made through your link or with your discount code
  • Collaborative efforts with other like-minded creators who also appreciate paper and stickers
  • Partner Resource Library access with shareable graphics and tips to help you get started
  • 45 days of link tracking and analytics on your progress

I will likely be sending out occasional snail mail goodies as well, but that was a given, right?

If you would like to read more on the program and how it works you can click here to read the Partner Program Overview. If you've already heard enough, you can complete an interest form here or below to receive the application in your inbox. 

With excited aloha, 



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