New to the Shop: Wall Calendars

New to the Shop: Wall Calendars

I'm super in love with how next year's calendars look. I wanted to create a calendar that I could actually use this year, and not just an at-a-glance version again (which I did enjoy, but I like writing on pretty things just as much as looking at them). Anyway that meant putting a lot of thought into the yearly calendars I have used in the past, and assessing what worked and what didn't.

70 lb paper

One of the big things that stuck out to me was the actual paper most calendars come on. It's always too slick to use my favorite pens so I default to a Sharpie. I wanted the texture to be more paper-like to the touch. It also had to be recyclable, because I use up enough paper as it is.

pretty, minimal

I also wanted the styling to be simple. I don't know about you but I get tired of staring at the same things sometimes, and my calendar is one of those things. I love a pretty sunset but working with the same one for thirty days gets old. The colors in it are usually to blame, so this year I wanted a completely black and white calendar. This way I can choose my color scheme for the month when it arrives.


The final little complaint I had about calendars I have used in the past was about the holidays. There's always holidays listed that I don't celebrate or have the day off for, so the text is just in my way. Why create space for anyone to work around? I tend to use a sticker or doodle to denote a big event anyway, now I won't have to find creative ways to cover up anything!

Maybe I am too picky about my wall calendar preferences. Or maybe someone out there is just as particular as I am?

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