Three Ways to Clear Your Virtual Desktop

Three Ways to Clear Your Virtual Desktop

it’s clean your virtual desktop day

So I thought it might be nice to share a little freebie to celebrate. Clean your Virtual Desktop Day is pretty self explanatory but if you need more info you can read about it here.

I’ve got three little tips below to help you clear some virtual clutter today, too.

start off with a pretty view

If you’re like me, you’ll be slightly less likely to clutter up your desktop with icons if you really like the background. As a creative, it just makes sense. So I couldn’t help but design a new desktop wallpaper for exactly this purpose. You can download both by clicking here. They will also be in the Freebies section.

plan ahead

Set up folders within folders and a naming structure so you can go back and find things you need later. Actually name all of your downloads or images or documents, as they trickle in. Prepare ahead for your your lazy or busy future self.

Personally, I keep a folder titled “unfiled” as an unsorted holding place for junk until an admin day that I can take a moment to sort everything.

You could also set up a time to declutter regularly, so that you don’t have to do one big clean-out at the end of every year (or whenever you do yours). The more often you sift through the clutter, the less chance for it to pile up!

 Clear your virtual Desktop day free wallpaper Download

Clear your virtual Desktop day free wallpaper Download

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