We're Moving | Shop Closure

We're Moving | Shop Closure

I updated those of you who are subscribed to the newsletter but I wanted to make sure to have an update on the blog as well. The shop will close on March 20th so that I can make the monstrous transition back to Hawaii. My husband has been stationed there again and we are over the moon that the whole family can be back together on island again.

With all that will be going on (moving, a baby on the way, a wedding and family to visit, all with a toddler in tow) it’s hard to be certain of any strict dates right now. Especially considering it’s a military move and there could be PLENTY of delays along the way.

That said, if all goes well, the shop will re-open on in the middle of June. I hope to have plenty of down time to doodle on the plane(s) so it will likely be a big shop update. I also have a bit of work to do behind the scenes so it really will feel like a grand re-opening!

A few of you have asked about those few weeks after having the baby and so I thought I’d answer that here as well: I don’t know. I recall Isla’s first few weeks being very peaceful but, with a toddler running around who knows how busy I will actually be (moms, feel free to let me know!). I will have my mom in town to help me out so for now, I do plan to remain open. If business picks up or I feel like I need a break I will absolutely take one, but the shop is a nice place for me to unwind sometimes, so it might help keep me sane.

While the shop is closed, I wanted to share some behind the scenes of LBH. Stay tuned for the following blog posts (each will be updated with hyperlinks as the posts are published):

If you’ve got a specific question or topic that is blogging or online shop related please message me or leave it in the comments for me. You all know blogging was my beginning and I still very much enjoy it. If I can make these next few posts more useful, I of course, want to.

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