Today's Truth: Documenting Quarantine

Today's Truth: Documenting Quarantine


I shared on my IG a few ideas for things to do while we’re all staying home. The majority of them did revolve around paper, crafting, creativity, and documenting, and I thought this would be a better place to expand.

Before we get started I just wanted to mention that I know what a tumultuous time this is. There are positives and negatives to everything and the country shutting down business and asking us to stay home to “stop the spread” of a virus that doesn’t show itself in most cases, and proves fatal in some, is no different. I think it’s nice the way people are sharing and being kind to one another. I’ve also heard of strangers coming to blows over grocery items.

While we may not want to remember all of the bad that we are experiencing right now, we may look back on this is a time when we rose up. Try to remember to include the great times and the sucky ones when you are documenting (in all things, but especially now). One day you’ll be able to tell somebody all about it, and you’ll be glad to see how much stronger you have become.


Write about that very first day that everyone was home. Print the pictures you took that day. What was the mood like? What did you (and anyone else) do all day? Were you productive?Clean yourselves up and take a family photo with everyone you are quarantined with. Get quotes/thoughts from each person. Did you have a funny social distance experience? Doodle a diagram or print the long-distance selfie you took.


documenting quarantine


Photograph little pockets of your home right now. How is it different from “the old days” and what changes are likely permanent? What’s your favorite spot in the home these days?Document your quarantine meal times. Create an entertainment collage. Print covers and screenshots of podcasts you are listening to, movies/TV shows you are watching, or newscasts you are tuning in to regularly. Make a layout purely of social media memes and tweets you have seen about coronavirus.


Write out your personal (or your family’s) timeline. When did everyone come home to stay? What were the first things you did? How did you prepare to stay in your home?List the supplies you bought to stock up for quarantine. What was the one item you were on the hunt for? (Our baby wipes were on backorder for two weeks 🙄) Make an honest list of all of the positive or negative (or both) things that have come from staying home. What do you think things will look like in our “new normal”?


documenting quarantine scrapbook page


Write a simple letter to your future self and explain what this virus is and what it’s done so far. Tell future-you what the world looks like now. Create a “Currently” page. Write out or doodle what you are currently seeing, tasting, watching, smelling, reading, hating, enjoying, hearing, etc. whether it’s good or bad, capture the right now.


Write a postcard to one of your far-away friends or family members. Send one to an “essential worker” you know and thank them. Send extra goodies to your pen pal. Since we are all “missing” each others’ birthdays, sit down and make a card for the birthday boy or girl. Stick some old photos that they might like in the envelope, too. Update your recipe book. If you want an accurate play-by-play of what’s gone on so far (worldwide), Persnickity Prints has a free one that’s pretty good.

Whatever you decide to do with this time, stay safe, love.

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