What to Write In Your First Penpal Letter

This is the final post in the How to Penpal Series. Start from the beginning if you missed it, read The Step-By-Step Introduction to Pen Friends and then What to Include With Your Snail Mail Letters to get caught up. These were the most common questions I had and have been receiving, but let me know in the comments if there are other requests. I can always add to this series later.


what to write in your first penpal letter

what to write in your first penpal letter



It’s perfectly acceptable (and most times, appreciated) to sort of re-introduce yourself to your penpal. When you two agreed to write each other you likely didn’t know a whole lot about one another, so nows the time to get a little deeper. It’s inevitable that you have to wait for the mail to arrive, too, so you both may have started to mix up or forget some things. It’s also sometimes nice to provide a reference point for your new friend.

Start with the basics, like your age, or a little information about where you are in the world. Share where you are originally from and other introductory facts about yourself. What currently takes up your days and weeks?  Talk about some of the common interests you have already found you share or something interesting about yourself. You don’t want to repeat yourself so much as share the fundamentals. Here’s a fun idea, put it all on a little card. Write your name, age, astrological sign, birthday, favorite color, and a draw a little doodle. This could be so helpful if/when they want to send you a little snail mail gift later on!


Think about the questions that came to mind when you two originally met, but didn’t really get to ask, now’s the time! Ask your friend how they do things where they are. You may be surprised how even daily tasks can vary in another household or across the globe.

what to write in your first penpal letter


Learn about what makes your new friend tick. What sorts of letters do they prefer? Who do they live with? What was high school like for them? Simple questions can bring up the funniest stories sometimes. The point is to make a friend and enjoy a little slice of life together. If you really don’t have a clue what to write, ask your penpal a question, you’re almost certainly starting a conversation that way.

Check out the #mailtag for lots of inspo on Instagram and Pinterest.


This is just me, because I tend to go a little overboard, but it’s sometimes fun to add a little extra something special that speaks to who you are.Create a playlist or paint a small watercolor for your new friend. Include a selfie or a poem that speaks to you. I do this from time to time but I also almost always try to add something just about me in the first letter, to help my friend get a little glimpse of my personality or where I currently am (in life or geographically).

what to write in your first penpal letter

what to write in your first penpal letter



You of course will be sharing as much or as little about yourself as you choose to in each letter. Try to continue to think of penpal-ing as a conversation. You don’t want to go on and on but you should be informative. Leave space for your new friend to ask questions or expand on what you are talking about.

Since I didn’t add any photos in the last post, I’m going to over-fill this one with pictures haha. These are some past extras I have already sent out, to get your juices flowing.

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