Bedtime Yoga Bullet Journal Spread

Bedtime Yoga Bullet Journal Spread

Anyone else love kraft pages in their notebooks? I should just go ahead and buy a whole Kraft journal from Archer & Olive, I don’t know what I’m so afraid of. I haven’t gotten tired of it yet!

I am the type to appreciate that you can see the white outline around all of the stickers. And the crispness and simple of beauty of stamping black on a brown page... swoon.

bedtime yoga bullet journal spread idea

I have been trying all sorts of ways to get some of the “extra” energy out of my toddler before bedtime. Most times I seem to be getting the job done! But, I have been meaning to try a peaceful yoga session out. I want to try it out with her and see if she enjoys the stretches, and am considering adding yoga to our wind-down routine every evening.

This spread gave those ideas a home. I am now able to use it as a reference the first few times we try out bedtime yoga.

Writing it all down helped me to learn some of the poses but also lock in which poses are best in the late evenings.

bedtime yoga bullet journal spread idea

I decided that eight poses would be a good start to develop a routine. Each night we will choose three or four poses before bed. (She loves to exercise with me but I think getting a few of the day’s kinks out will just be an added incentive for me.)

Each pose got a little box with the title of the technique. From there I added in an explanation of a pose if it was new to me. The poses that I already knew had variations or other ideas to try in their respective boxes.

There were a few suggestions that I forgot to save room on the page for, so I took to my scrap bucket to find a piece of paper to tape in. I found a thicker piece of Kraft paper and cut the corners off of it, to make it into a tag shape. I punched a whole, outlined it with my Micron, and went to work adding my notes.

Along the right side of the spread I listed a few books. Some were recommendations from other yogi’s, a few came from blogs, and one has just been sitting in my Amazon cart. I’ll likely purchase these slowly if I can’t find them at the library. Reading always helps me nurture a new habit I’m trying to form. Plus, we love to read together.

bedtime yoga bullet journal spread idea

I got my pose ideas from this post and this post. I ended up sort of melting the lists together into options I thought we would both enjoy at bedtime. The spread title was stamped out with my new alpha stamps from Felicity Jane and my old faithful rubber alphabet and numbers stamp set. A few icons were stamped in as well and they are from various Everyday Explorers Co stamp sets. The Mommy and Me Yogi Sticker is available in Hazelnut, Cinnamon, and Hickory skin tones as digital stickers in the shop. I just printed and cut a whole sheet of them and use them here and there. The open book sticker is from the new Book-ish Collection.

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