Bumpdate [Baby Watch]

Bumpdate [Baby Watch]


We’ll be 39 weeks along tomorrow.

This morning I went in and got checked out at the birth center so that I could confirm that all was well. I had woken up to some blood and once I discussed this with the nurse she asked me to stop by.

After a few cultures and a non stress test she confirmed that I was 1 cm dilated but my water hadn’t broken yet.


Baby Brown could come any time in the next couple of days (or even today) so I’ve been instructed to take it easy and listen to my body. Easier said than done for a busybody like myself but luckily, my body gives me plenty of reminders.

I went back to work for the day until I had a little dizzy spell. I decided to head home and take it easy. I hung out with my family watching movies and not moving much outside of a few contractions (at the time I considered them to be Braxton Hicks) and sitting on a birthing ball.





Our nursery is pretty much all set up. We just got a crib mobile in the mail so we still need to install it. Other than that I think the only thing missing is the baby’s name sign!

We still don’t know baby’s gender so obviously don’t have a name picked out. I have a name sign all picked out and ready to go, as soon as baby arrives.

Week: 38 weeks and 6 days. 
Baby Size: Right on target, Baby Brown is now the size of a small watermelon. We are both measuring well. 
Weight Gain: 29 lbs. 
Activity: Walking has become a little more of a chore for me, so just sitting on a ball mostly these days. I still stretch every morning and every night. 
Cravings: Watermelon! 🍉 I blame summer for this one, though. 
Aversions: Still none, but I am staying away from negative birth stories at all costs. 
Baby Names: Somehow we’ve got it down to two boy names and two girl names, now we’ve just got to see what sticks! 
Outie or Innie: Technically still an innie, but it’s stretched and flipped if you ask me.


We’ve officially been cleared to have a birth center delivery so my bags are packed up for that. The stay there is usually much shorter than in hospital births so we will need less stuff, but I’ll be sure to share what I brought here soon. The car seat has been installed and at this point it’s pretty much a waiting game.I have a few pictures I want to frame and a couple more frozen meals to prepare but other than that we are (unbelievably) as prepared as we are going to be! Stay tuned.

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