Today's Truth: Achievement & New Year's Resolutions

Today's Truth: Achievement & New Year's Resolutions

We have arrived at the last day of the first month of 2020 and already, we’ve lost a lot of steam. Those resolutions are already lurking in our minds, silently judging, expectantly disappointed.

To resolve is simply not enough. There must be action and planning… and then follow through. That follow through requires reflection. From there, you can cycle through again and again until you actually reach your goal.

This year, and from now on, let’s achieve — instead of resolving.


Today’s truth is this: without action, they’re just dreams. Dreams are nice and all (especially when you’re asleep) but if you truly want to be your authentic self, the first step is honesty. You’ll have to be honest with you.

It’s scary. Absolutely. So, take each step in stride, as a matter of fact — take baby steps. What one small thing can you do today to work towards the future you want? Start there. Once you’ve mastered that, add another tiny taskDon’t go big until you’re darn good and ready …but don’t let that make you stagnant, either.

I wish you all a very happy new year. May 2020 be all that you genuinely work towards.

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