We’re Expecting (+ 15 Announcement Ideas)

We’re Expecting (+ 15 Announcement Ideas)

I don’t think I ever thought this day would come. I get to be a real mom.

Now that we’re just about out of the first trimester, I wanted to go ahead and share the news here, in case you hadn’t heard yet…. we’re expecting another Little Brown this summer!


The doctor says we are both doing great, and I don’t have any specific restrictions or anything so far. We are still taking lots of tests this next few weeks but so far so good. I haven’t had the traditional first trimester symptoms (besides lots of crying 😂) so it’s been pretty easy so far. I cry more often than usual, and am usually very tired, but at least I am not sick/nauseous or anything like that. I am told the lack of energy should start to subside next trimester, and I’m looking forward to that.

Although I have only gained a pound so far, my pants no longer fit properly, so I have been getting very creative there. I will likely bite the bullet soon and just get some nice stretchy maternity pants. Baby Brown is due July 2019.


Unfortunately, I don’t have an photos of me telling my husband the news. I was so speechless I didn’t even think to surprise him in some cutesy, instagrammable way. (He actually  figured it out before I did anyway, so it likely wouldn’t have been any fun.)

For all four of our parents I decided to make them all individual little ornaments, since it was Christmas time. I scoured the dollhouse section of Michaels to find little teddy bears, wrapped gifts, faux snow, and trees. They were having a sale on DIY ornaments at A.C. Moore, so each 100 ml plastic ornament was just $1.

I hot glued little scenes inside each ornament, and then poured in the snow once they dried. I screwed them shut and then attached a little tag and some holiday ribbon for the ornaments to hang from each parent’s Christmas tree. I wrote a different little message on each tag, mailed them out, and waited for our moms and dads to get the news!


were expecting announcement christmas ornament


  • Our tiny new present is due to be unwrapped this [insert month], Merry Christmas!
  • Little bundle of joy due [insert month].
  • The more the merrier.
  • Confetti themes for New Year’s announcement.
  • T-shirt’s that read “pop”, “clink”, “bubbly”, “drink” and “fizz” for each family member. Mom-to-be get’s “pop”.
  • Use Easter eggs to spell out your message in the grass.
  • [insert month] our little lucky charm is due!
  • Large metallic balloons spelling out “baby” are year-round.


  • Roses are red, violets are blue, in [insert month and year], your niece is due!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, what we’ve been wishing for, finally came true!
  • We don’t know if it’s a he or a she, all we know is you’re grandparents to be!
  • I have a surprise, and it’s totally sweet. Our family is growing by two tiny feet! (best accompanied with a few donuts)
  • This Valentine’s will be extra sweet, because our family is growing by one more heartbeat!
  • We’ve waited for a while, to share our lovely news, it looks like we’ll be shopping, for some tiny little shoes.


  • Elf on the Shelf at Christmas-time (or any other doll or teddy bear the rest of the year. Have the doll hold the note for the child to read.
  • Put each child in a t-shirt that reads “big brother/sister” or use a felt board to write out the news.

I think that (with a little tweaking) some of these would be fun for an elopement/engagement/wedding announcement. Get creative! I hope these spark some inspiration. What’s your favorite announcement story? Share yours in the comments.

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