Affiliate Partner Terms & Conditions

Participation in the Affiliate Partner Program with Love Becomes Her LLC is conducted under the below terms and conditions.

You acknowledge and agree that you had sufficient time and opportunity to have this agreement reviewed by your legal counsel. These Terms are written in English and, notwithstanding the translation or translatability into other languages, the English version of this Agreement shall be controlling.


You are an independent contractor with respect to this company. As an independent contractor, you are solely responsible for any and all taxes payable with respect to income earned through the Site, to obtain any liability, health, worker's compensation, disability, unemployment, or other insurance needed, desired, or required by law. You are not covered by or eligible for any insurance from Love Becomes Her LLC.

Your participation is optional and may be terminated by either party. Upon termination, no further monies will be paid.

You have sole and exclusive responsibility and liability for the development, operation, maintenance and all materials and content that appear on any and all Affiliate Sites. You will operate and maintain the Affiliate Site(s) in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. In consideration, you are also solely responsible for any and all fees incurred in operating said Site(s).

Love Becomes Her LLC is not responsible to pay any Fees in the event you do not use the Links provided to you by the Company without modification OR you do not properly install those links, meaning the traffic will not be properly tracked to reflect that a Customer came from your Affiliate Site.


By participating as an Affiliate you agree to hold confidential information in strict confidence and in trust for the role benefit of the company, both during the term of your participation and at all times thereafter.

You can view your reports here. This includes earnings, trends, payment history, tracking, etc. Your Affiliate Toolbar and Product links (linked here) are for your reference. These are to be utilized as tools to help you reach your affiliate and partnership goals.

Use of the Affiliate Partner Program requires use of the website and falls under the same Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the Site.


Any changes or updates to the Commission Schedule can always be viewed here. Love Becomes Her LLC reserves the right to make changes. While we will try to always keep you updated via email, there is no way to guarantee. Most updates will be sent out ahead of time, if possible.

Payments will be remitted 30 (thirty) days after each qualified and approved sale.


Love Becomes Her LLC may modify or amend the terms of this agreement at any time by posting such changes on the Site and/or notifying you by email. No such amendment shall be effective until at least 30 (thirty) days after posting or email notice, whichever comes first. Notwithstanding any modification, the rights and obligations of the Parties relating to the consideration to be received hereunder and any fees to be charges as between Parties as to any occurrence prior to the effective date of such modification shall remain unchanged by any such modification.

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